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We have obtained ISO9001 certification In order to satisfy our customers we conform to our Quality certification/ assurance regime.

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. quality assurance from now to the future:

In March 2001, our Miyoshi Factory, as well as our head office gained ISO9002 certification (1994 edition) and in October, 2017, Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. passed the inspection to upgrade to ISO9001 certification (2015 edition).
Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. continues to work towards the kind of quality assurance status needed for customer satisfaction.

State-of –the-art analysis techniques:

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is always searching for new cutting edge technology and analysis techniques focusing on identifying biological activity and active components. Our state of the art extraction techniques are based on our expert know-how and wealth of experience.

Quality control categories

Active Ingredient Analysis Quantifications (glycyrrhizinic acid, glabridin, etc.) Identification test (saponins, tannin, etc.)
Contamination Test Heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium, etc)
Chemicals (pesticides, solvents, preservatives, etc.)
Microbiological Tests Bacterial counts, coliform, molds and yeasts, limit tests for specific bacteria
Nutrient Analysis Carbohydrate, fat, mineral, vitamins, amino acids, protein, etc.
Actives in quasi-drug Dipotassium glycyrrhizin, swertia herb, ginseng, etc.
Raw Materials Research Pesticides, allergen, GMO, country of origin
Information Check Labelling related to Food Sanitation
Law (Japan), JAS, pharmaceutical law (Japan) etc.
Determination of Shelf Life Assurance of food shelf life (performing of stability test)
Others pH, water content, ignition residue, optical rotation, particle size, acidity, bulk density, etc.

For your peace of mind:

We are always working towards supplying you with consistent high quality and safe products anytime you need them. Our raw materials are carefully selected for your peace of mind.

Strict production control:

We maintain a total quality approach with our state of the art fully automated storage system which keeps all products at a constant 5 degrees. 2 dimensional code labeling guarantees storage and shipment of our quality products to our customers.

We deliver the highest quality products to our customers:

From raw materials to finished products we provide the highest quality products to satisfy our customers' needs.

Quality assurance sytstem

Our independent quality control sections established in each production site guarantee high quatity products and customer satisfaction along with our clean and hygiene production facilities.


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