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News Release

BSB Innovation Award 2022

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals won the BSB Innovation Award 2022.

WILD THYME EXTRACT (B)-BG: 1st prize of the Most Innovative Active Ingredients (Plumping, Moisturization and Barrier)


Enhancing mature & ageless beauty

Age inclusion means that the conversation is no longer focused on ‘anti-aging’ but how to be beautiful at every life stage in the ever increasing aging population. Our WILD THYME EXTRACT (B)-BG spreads skin moisture evenness in mature skin, matching the needs of the consumers (age of 40+) who want to realize the effects of cosmetics in a short period of time. WILD THYME EXTRACT (B)-BG is recommended for cosmetics focusing on enhancing mature & ageless beauty.

Product features:
-  In-house grown Wild thyme from the perpetual eco-recycle farming system with full traceability & inclusivity
- Only “Fresh wild thyme” used for production of WILD THYME EXTRACT (B)-BG with the same energy efficiency but 1.5 times higher effectiveness in moisturization
- WILD THYME EXTRACT (B)-BG formulation increased skin moisture, improved skin moisture evenness, and positively changed skin texture in mature skin

* The BSB European Innovation Award with the 20-year history, are for the finished cosmetics, natural cosmetics
  and the raw materials.

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