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From milligrams to tons, Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. can manufacture any amount of any product including liquids and powders.We can combine various kinds of solvents as bases or create any kind of complex forms from the hundreds of extracts available.

A production line of Licorice

Headquarters Factory

Our Headquarters Factory began production in 1952 with licorice root extraction.
Our Headquaters Factory currently specializes in producing glycyrrhizin.

With 6 decades of experience

Headquarters Factory

The Headquarters Factory has long established itself as Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.'s base for producing high quality extracts to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our "convenience store factory"

Shin Onomichi Factory

Our Shin Onomichi Factory works to the motto "any amount, any time, any type" as Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.'s "convenience store factory." To meet this goal, this factory employs several kinds of extraction, concentration and filtration devices, methods, and know-how.

Our total control system

Shin Onomichi Factory

The Shin Onomichi Factory is equipped with a state of the art large sized automatic 5-degree storage system with 2 dimensional code labeling in order to ensure shipping of the right product to the right customer at the right time.

A multi-approach to multi-extraction

Miyoshi Factory

Our multi-purpose Miyoshi Factory can combine various kinds of extraction conditions to best match the type, quality and quantity requested by our customers. With state of the art technology and extraction know-how we can provide the highest quality products in a short amount of time.

Consciousness of quality

From our many years of experience in extraction and purification, we have accumulated a broad know-how base which is utilized in various ways at each of our four factories. As a producer of natural products our goal is to always keep safety and quality in mind while providing our customers with high quality products at the best possible price.

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