Toward a Society Full of Smiles

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is situated on the island of Mukaishima in the Setouchi Inland Sea; an area renowned for its calm waters, picturesque mountain views and traditional local culture. Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. exists in harmony with this idyllic environment, local people and culture. Since the founding of Maruzen, over three quarters of a century, we have devoted ourselves to our ideals. Our journey began with researching practical applications of licorice and with originality in our approach; Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is continuing to find applications in many spheres.In keeping with our original company philosophy, extraction of active constituents from nature's plants; is always at the heart of our enterprise.By placing emphasis on extraction technology, we are able to set trends, respond to the needs of our customers and achieve our goals. We believe that the results of our continued study of extraction techniques were solely the result of our efforts to respond to the development themes and needs of today's companies. We believe that our desire to make Maruzen Pharmaceutical a better company, and our honest wish to do so now, will become the shape of the company. To continue the history of Maruzen Pharmaceuticals into tomorrow, we must cultivate new technologies, nurture our wisdom, and move forward faithfully and boldly. I believe that a healthy society is one in which people can live happily in the present and have bright dreams for the future. Each and every employee has the joy of working with compassion for people and the earth as their livelihood. To nurture a company means to fulfill our responsibility to the future. I believe that we can contribute to the creation of a healthy society.

Yasuhiro Higurashi