proposal-driven sales PROPOSAL-DRIVEN SALES

proposal-driven sales

We provide total support to our customers by leveraging our strengths as an R&D-oriented company.

We strive to make proposals that meet the needs of our customers by utilizing our know-how and pharmaceutical information accumulated over many years.

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research and development RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT

research and development

We create customer needs by utilizing advanced analytical techniques and cutting-edge evaluation technologies.

We are constantly striving to create even better products for the world. Our research and development staff work together with our customers to co-create new value through communication and joint development.

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production PRODUCTION


We continue to focus on everything we can do now to ensure "consistent quality.

We have multiple manufacturing bases for different fields and applications, and can produce liquid products and various dried products from milligrams to tons. We can handle a wide range of products, from various solvent bases and mixtures to various types of formulations.

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quality assurance QUALITY ASSURANCE

quality assurance

We deliver safety and security to our customers through a thorough quality assurance system.

To ensure that our customers can use our products with peace of mind, we use carefully selected raw materials and strive to promptly provide products of consistent quality. We consolidate and promptly provide information on our products, including the preparation of delivery specifications in response to customer requests.

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