We create customer needs by utilizing advanced analytical techniques and cutting-edge evaluation technologies.

We are constantly striving to create even better products for the world. Our research and development staff work together with our customers to co-create new value through communication and joint development.


  • Searching for natural raw materials

    Searching for the best natural raw materials is the first step towards meeting customer's needs.
    Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is always striving to secure the highest quality raw materials from Japan and the rest of the world. Raw materials are always thoroughly examined for accurate scientific naming, usability and sustainable supplies.

    • Purchasing commercially-available market products, cultivated products, and from domestic and overseas sources
    • Procurement by domestic and overseas field research and exploration
    • Procurement by joint research
  • Providing customers with peace of mind through thorough information management and independent research

    In order to ensure customer safety, Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. makes every effort to keep up-to–date with the latest news and information with regard to patents, scientific publications and other information.

    • Academic investigation involving assessment of research literature and search of specialized journals
    • Patent search, patent filings, patent maintenance, registration of trademarks
  • Explore the superior functions of materials by elucidating their active ingredients

    In order to identify active ingredients and analyze components, we use NMR, LC-MS, and SFC technology. We discover the active ingredient is discovered thorough separation and purification of each component, identifying its structure and measureing the concentration of the active ingredients.

    • Separation and purification of active ingredients (e.g., various carriers, HPLC)
    • Chemical structure analysis (NMR, LC-MS)
    • Analysis of active ingredients (e.g. SFC, LC-MS)
  • Adding New Value to Natural Materials

    Our bioresearch is heading toward discovering new ways of utilizing natural plants using enzymes and microorganisms and producing seedlings by plant culture technology. It is our goal to produce effective natural materials of stable quality.

    • Substance conversion using enzymes and microorganisms
    • Plant tissue culture
  • High validity ratings provide customers with peace of mind

    We use more than 100 kinds of evaluations to discover the natural efficacies of plants.
    Our investigations and evaluations are a part of Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.’s commitment to producing safe and effective natural products for our customers.

    • Evaluation of material efficacy/ pharmacological test
    • Clinical test
  • Utilizing new extraction technologies

    We always utilize the latest equipment and technology to break new ground in the area of extraction and purification.
    This is another way in which our aims to produce unique and cut ting-edge products.

    • Supercritical fluid extraction test
    • Membrane separation and purification tests
    • Column chromatography separation and purification tests
    • Crystallization separation and purification tests
    • Flavor retention tests, etc.
  • Aiming for even better products

    We obtain natural plant materials and work to create new products from these natural materials using our know-how and state-of-the-art technology for actual use of in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,quasi-drugs and foods. We are happy to work together with our clients to develop ideal products.

    • Planning, proposal, and development of new products
    • Development of use (application)
    • Examination of manufacturing processes and development of new technologies
    • Joint research with clients (products, technologies)
    • Joint research with research centers and universities