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BSB Innovation Award 2020

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals won the BSB Innovation Award 2020 in 2 categories.

Lemon Balm Extract RA- 1st prize of the Most Innovative Active Ingredients (Skin improvement, anti-wrinkle, rejunevation)
Silver Vine Extract - 3rd prize of the Most Innovative Functional Ingredients

Lemon Balm Silver Vine

【Lemon Balm Extract RA】
Collagen Sustainability - New approach to photoaging -

Clean beauty – new trends show consumers expressing their concerns on not only whether the cosmetics they are applying are suitable for their skin, but whether products are ethically sound and fully traceable.

LEMON BALM EXTRACT RA is the highest clean ingredient with which we have consistently been associated from cultivation, research to production.

Our commitment to “clean” starting raw material plant:
- Utilization of the extraction residue at our facility
- Establishment of cultivation method of Lemon balm with clear traceability and accumulated know-how
- Success in obtaining consistent high quality Lemon balm leaves rich in Rosmarinic acid

Our researches advancing “Collagen Sustainability”:
- Endo180, a collagen receptor, collects unwanted damaged collagen and returns it to a positive collagen cycle
- Lemon Balm Extract advances the collagen cycle via promoting or recovering Endo180 production
- Clinically confirmed improvement effect on wrinkles
- Lemon Balm Extract sustains the collagen production as well as supports the ability of collagen production
  enhancers via internalizing damaged collagen, a different mechanism from other aging care ingredients
- Our basic research revealed that the relationship between the decreased level of Endo180 expression
  and the formation of photo-aged skin

【Silver Vine Extract】
New solution for environmental skin damage - Car exhaust gas & Blue light -

The skin is more than ever under the negative influences of the urbanized lifestyle, such as air pollution or smartphones (digital pollution) can induce oxidative stress.

Silver Vine Extract mitigates the oxidative stress of urban living;
- Silver vine fruit is an Asian traditional remedy for refreshing and revitalizing.
- Silver Vine Extract is effective for protein carbonylation induced by multiple sources of oxidation such as
  pollutant gases and Blue light.
- Degradation effect of carbonylated protein makes this extract an outstanding active ingredient,
  different from other anti-oxidants.
- Silver Vine Extract lotion enhances skin’s translucency, giving a clear and brilliant appearance.

*The BSB European Innovation Award with the 18-year history, are for the finished cosmetics, natural cosmetics and the raw materials.

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