2023/04/26 Corporate Information

BSB Innovation Award 2023

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals won the BSB Innovation Award 2023.

SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA EXTRACT (B)-BG: 1st prize of the Most Innovative Active Ingredients (Anti-acne, pores, acne prone skin)


Clearing acne, bringing smiles

Addressing consumers’ acne concerns & feelings

Acne is a common but persistent skin concerns seen in both men and women in wide generations. Mask wearing since COVID-19 pandemic expanded this skin concern. Further, acne is a skin problem which is not only noticeable but also touchable (bumps or unevenness of skin) during cleansing, skin care regimes and make-up application. The presence of such acne can cause distress and negative impact on self-confidence, making it different from other skin concerns.
We have developed SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA EXTRACT (B)-BG as a multifunctional ingredient that can care for both teenage and adult acne, and overcome mental stress, stopping the downward spiral of acne.


Product features:

– New approach to anti-acne care based on our basic research

SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA EXTRACT (B)-BG significantly suppressed inflammation from upstream to

downstream skin reactions, such as TLR2 activity, mental stress (cortisol) induced and inflammation related


– Visible effects confirmed in the acne-prone skin

In a 8-week clinical study, just switching to the SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA EXTRACT (B)-BG lotion from

the regular lotion used by volunteers decreased the number of both white & red acne, improving skin

appearance as well as increasing positive feelings

– Multifunctionality

SAXIFRAGA STOLONIFERA EXTRACT (B)-BG can provide simple but total anti-acne solutions beyond gender & generations


*The BSB European Innovation Award with the 21-year history, are for the finished cosmetics, natural
cosmetics and the raw materials.