2024/04/24 Corporate Information

BSB Innovation Award 2024

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals won the BSB Innovation Award 2024.

RICE FERMENT PD: 2nd prize of the Most Innovative Functional Ingredients (Emulsifier, All-in-one-base)






Spirit of Zen for skin & mind
A paradigm shift of cosmetic formulations

Since 2006, Maruzen Pharmaceutical has been conducting research and development of cosmetic ingredients utilizing fermentation technology and proposing “Rice Fermented Liquid” as a “functional base water”. Our RICE FEMENT PD is a raw material that not only moisturizes the skin, but also creates a special pleasant feeling of use, thanks to a rich variety of naturally derived ingredients. It has also been approved as a quasi-drug additive under scientific confirmation of safety.

Last year, we conducted an evaluation using an electroencephalograph, which can measure emotional reactions from brain waves, to quantify the changes in emotions when RICE FERMENT PD lotion is applied. The results confirmed that the emotion of “like” was significantly increased when touching skin that had been blended with the lotion. We were honored to receive this award in recognition of the novel method and its results.


*The BSB European Innovation Award with the 22-year history, are for the finished cosmetics, natural
cosmetics and the raw materials.