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BSB Innovation Award 2021

Maruzen Pharmaceuticals won the BSB Innovation Award 2021 in 2 categories.

MUGWORT EXTRACT (B)-BG: 2nd prize of the Most Innovative Functional Ingredients
OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (B)-BG: 3rd prize of the Most Innovative Active Ingredients (Skin barrier, Skin microbiome)


Protecting the skin from mask stress

In 2020, wearing a mask has become one of the global protection measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic with many people suffered from various kinds of mask stress. A new word “maskne” (mask induced acne) has appeared, and the number of consumers concerned with skin roughness caused by masks is increasing globally. The final cosmetics containing our MUGWORT EXTRACT (B)-BG can contribute to improving the beauty QOL of consumers in the new normal.

Product features:
- Mugwort Extract is effective against not only inflammation induced by multiple sources of skin damage
  such as cedar pollen and UVB, but also the skin stress caused by temperature and humidity change
- Mugwort Extract showed the visible improvement of skin condition by protecting the skin
  from the negative impact of mask wearing

Across the seasons - nurturing the skin against seasonal changes & skin trouble

As consumers gain more awareness of their individual skin concerns, they seek products that directly target their needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers even more conscious of ethical and environmental concerns when purchasing cosmetics. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (B)-BG meets the needs of consumers looking for minimalist beauty care with a conscious approach to ethics and the environment.

Product features:
- Olive leaves from Shodoshima island, Kagawa prefecture, Japan are an upcycled material with
  clear traceability
- Confirmed efficacies against two major causes of skin problems found in the consumer survey due to
  seasonal changes in a one-year clinical study
- The formulation containing OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (B)-BG improved skin lightness, barrier function,
  and dryness throughout the year

* The BSB European Innovation Award with the 19-year history, are for the finished cosmetics, natural cosmetics
  and the raw materials.

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